Mindful Monday: Wisdom Welcomes a Gift Horse

As knowledge becomes commercialized remember experience is the best teacher, but wisdom welcomes a gift horse. USM is field-tested and supported by a non-profit foundation. My initial curiosity about USM was when I heard that it included a non-redundant process model with 5 processes and a simple set of 8 workflows that serve as templates …

The BIG impact of small Changes

Subscribe to the Rolling Uphill blog Enterprise documentation changes with people, process, and technology. This increases the complexity of administering documentation. USM provides a simple, standardized structure for administering complex organizational routines. The organizational resources (people, process, technology) are the ‘machinery’ of an enterprise, and only work optimally together if that machine is well oiled. …

Mindful Monday: Thinking before doing is not nothing

With IT burn-out rampant, tracking work motivated by increases in productivity is not working. Making work visible forces either good or bad decision-making. Remember, happy employees are more productive.

Mindful Monday: Is the Enterprise ready to strike back?

While simplifying things is not so simple, it remains an important key to a great customer experience. The enterprise needs to simplify services, as well as how they are managed.

(another) Mindful Monday: The enterprise service management mountain

An enterprise service management system drives continual improvement, and for many this mountaintop seems far away. But a standard management system for the enterprise can be established one rock at a time. The Unified Service Management Method’s universal approach to defining ALL services — along with 5 processes and 8 workflows that apply to ALL …

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