Simplify before automating

While I understand the rabid desire to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate service management, we shouldn’t forget a basic lesson: Simplify processes before automating them. Simplification will also simplify your automation efforts, simplify maintenance/changes and likely lead to more sustainable and lasting improvement. This is one reason why the USM method’s 5 …

Mindful Monday: Thinking before doing is not nothing

With IT burn-out rampant, tracking work motivated by increases in productivity is not working. Making work visible forces either good or bad decision-making. Remember, happy employees are more productive.

Mindful Monday: The Importance of Re-Thinking

As the amount of knowledge and the pace of change overwhelms us, perhaps the most important lesson to learn is the ability to rethink and unlearn. Nowhere is this truer than in the continual improvement space.

Mindful Monday: Is the Enterprise ready to strike back?

While simplifying things is not so simple, it remains an important key to a great customer experience. The enterprise needs to simplify services, as well as how they are managed.

(another) Mindful Monday: The enterprise service management mountain

An enterprise service management system drives continual improvement, and for many this mountaintop seems far away. But a standard management system for the enterprise can be established one rock at a time. The Unified Service Management Method’s universal approach to defining ALL services — along with 5 processes and 8 workflows that apply to ALL …

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