Work the Problem

I just read Managed by Morons: The Path to a Thriving Organization… reminds me of how important a management system is, and whether most really understand what it is… So, here’s a short clip that hopefully will clear up any confusion about operating models, management systems, and practice frameworks. All closely related, but different.

Don’t miss the forest for the (service) trees

USM’s unambiguous and logically repeatable definition of a service can help limit the confusion around service and request catalogs. We’ll use the service tree as an example. A service tree is a hierarchical representation of the various services provided by an organization or a service provider. It provides a structured view of an organization’s services, …

Service Management for the Digital Age

We need to simplify service management for the digital age, but simple isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it starts with process; unifying service management is business-critical for the information age.

Abstraction, Decomposition and Systems Thinking

Regardless of what mix of practices or standards are in use, the routines define what, who and how services are delivered and combine all provider assets (people, process and technology) into a systems-thinking perspective of service management.

Wanted: Service Management ROMEO

The speed and ease of which ‘improvements’ to proven practices can be duplicated (and monetized) by the community continues to accelerate, but is this a good thing? I was originally attracted to BPM and eventually service management because of the perception that it was truly a collaborative effort, not a proprietary food fight. But Pink …