A Job to be Done: Understanding USM’s Facility

A service is a supported facility. USM’s universal definition of a service requires some understanding of the term facility; it’s not what you may initially think it is… A business facility is often thought of as a location or a building. For example, an office building, a hotel, or a manufacturing plant. That’s why we …

Mindful Monday: Is the Enterprise ready to strike back?

While simplifying things is not so simple, it remains an important key to a great customer experience. The enterprise needs to simplify services, as well as how they are managed.

Will tomorrow always be another day away?

Starting my mindful Monday listening to Beaming Ortelius may have been a bad idea. Half-awake and listening to a podcast about CDEvents and a Keptn Deep Dive got me wondering if tomorrow’s always a day away… Just because I’m not a developer doesn’t mean I’m not interested in development, and it doesn’t mean that lessons …

Mindful Mondays

I used to hate Mondays. They typically began with a ‘what have you done for me lately’ meeting, which was rarely enough even when I felt we were making very good progress. So, I’m switching to ‘mindful Mondays’ and increasing my self-awareness (thanks to BeingFirst). Besides doing some yoga (which I’m doing almost daily now), …

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