Wanted: Service Management ROMEO

The speed and ease of which ‘improvements’ to proven practices can be duplicated (and monetized) by the community continues to accelerate, but is this a good thing? I was originally attracted to BPM and eventually service management because of the perception that it was truly a collaborative effort, not a proprietary food fight. But Pink …

Unlearning is not Forgetting

New thinking doesn’t always throw out past lessons, in fact it often is built on what we’ve learned. Unlearning or rethinking involves challenging the status quo but can still mix the old with the new. The trick is knowing what should stay and what should go.

The Case for Unified Service Management

The overall customer experience, when viewed from the eyes of the customer (in this case a patient!) are very much dependent on a huge number of interactions across an extremely complex service supply chain.

There will be specialized practices for each of these different service domains. If any industry segment screams for a unified approach to managing these interdependent services, it is the health care industry.

A Job to be Done: Understanding USM’s Facility

A service is a supported facility. USM’s universal definition of a service requires some understanding of the term facility; it’s not what you may initially think it is… A business facility is often thought of as a location or a building. For example, an office building, a hotel, or a manufacturing plant. That’s why we …

USM, Leadership and the Butterfly Effect

You never know if you’re seeing things others don’t, and this may happen a lot when I talk about the Unified Service Management (USM) method. So, that’s what this post is about. USM is based on systems thinking. At its core is the management of the routines of an enterprise, and these routines encompass all …

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