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  • Continuous Adaptation Requires a Service Management System – Successful Customer Outcomes and the USM Method
    Leverage the USM Method and establish a service management system for the entire enterprise today.
  • Inside-Out Value Streams
    the most important value stream is the customer journey value stream. And as that leads us to dive deep into the process river searching for ‘no-value-added activities’ we should be mindful about getting stuck in the ‘Muda ’ all over again.
  • Defining Digital Services
    In the latest USM video Defining Digital Services, I review how the USM Method can become a uniform link in complex service ecosystems. One of the ways USM accomplishes this is through a simple, generic definition of any service. A common misconception of USM’s simple, standardized approach to service management may be that it is … Continue reading Defining Digital Services
  • A Mindful Monday repost…
    Gonna go for a walk this morning, so today’s mindful Monday is a repost from Medium yesterday…. just started reading The agile Manager by Rob England and Cherry Vu….perhaps I’ll post some thoughts once I finish it…. subscribe to my blog!