John Worthington’s had a 40-year IT career with more than two decades dedicated to service management and unified performance monitoring of end-to-end digital services.

He’s currently focused on helping customers simplify service management for the entire enterprise in a way that’s affordable, easy to learn and use, and is consistent with– and complimentary to — existing frameworks and practices using the USM Method (https://usm-portal.com/).

He’s an ITIL Expert (v3), an XLA Master and a Certified USM Coach, and has also had a two-decade relationship with eG Innovations and can assist customers with the development of unified performance monitoring road maps.

As an Authorized Affiliate of BeingFirst he can provide change leaders with innovative methods for evolving human systems and performance through their  Conscious Change Leadership approach. 

You can read more about him and his particular journey by getting the book, Rolling Uphill. (Click here to download)

John does business as MyServiceMonitor, LLC, lives in New Jersey and can be reached at: john@myservicemonitor.com

My goal is to help customers with the endless, uphill roll that is continual improvement.

Unified Service Management Method

About Unified Service Management

The USM method is a method that provides a standardized management system with which a service organization manages its people, its technological means, its routines, and its services. The USM Portal Library describes the USM Method. There are free, online USM Workshops that can give you an overview of the USM Method— 2 intensive hours of introduction to the new thinking of USM. You can also see a 20 minute Executive Overview (registration required).

Conscious Change Leadership

Continuous improvement is like organizational exercise; it gets easier if you do it on a regular basis. But we live in the age of disruption and really transforming an organization requires real commitment from leadership.

This can be one of the most difficult aspects of transformational change.

If you are responsible for leading transformational change in your organization, I can provide you with information about conscious change leadership that can help you with cultural hurdles.

This is done via an Affiliate relationship with BeingFirst, who has been developing innovative methods for evolving human systems and performance for four decades.



Unified Performance Monitoring

MyServiceMonitor and eG Innovations

I have evangelized unified performance monitoring with eG Innovations for two decades, from the emergence of n-tier infrastructures to today’s multi-cloud ecosystems.

If you are considering unified performance monitoring, eG Innovations or are an eG Innovations customer I can help you fully exploit the benefits of the eG platform and the organizational transparency that it can provide.