As a cultural movement, DevOps is very much about people, and having been been strategic advisors to executive leadership for 40 years I wonder… have any of you DevOps fanatics leveraged the resources at BeingFirst?

Full disclosure, I am an Affiliate, but that won’t cost you any money and I’m not really interested in promoting them for my sake. But having read both The Change Leader’s Road Map as well as Beyond Change Management years ago I keep going back to their rich library of excellent resources.

For example, there’s an upcoming workshop on How to Launch Transformational Change Projects Successfully on July 26th, which I think will be interesting.

The nature of the improvement beast starts by looking in the mirror. It also requires us to pay it forward, think differently and engage everyone to roll that ball uphill.

Service management needs to mature quickly, and to achieve service excellence an easy to learn, inexpensive, and universal method of managing services should be available to all actors in supply chains and networks. The Unified Service Management (USM) method was developed for that purpose.

It allows flexibility for any organizational structure including matrix, team topologies, squads/tribes (i.e., DevOps), outsourcing, multi sourcing, or even a ‘Radical Enterprise’.

But as with all change, people are often the hardest part of the journey. USM and BeingFirst can be applied independently, but combined I believe they can help DevOps teams accelerate the path to transformative change and breakthrough results.

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