Mindful Mondays
What a way to start the day

I used to hate Mondays.

They typically began with a ‘what have you done for me lately’ meeting, which was rarely enough even when I felt we were making very good progress.

So, I’m switching to ‘mindful Mondays’ and increasing my self-awareness (thanks to BeingFirst). Besides doing some yoga (which I’m doing almost daily now), I’ll basically take the day off and simply think about where I am and where I want to be.

And I’m liking it very much.

There’s no question about it; I very much want to continue to play a part in helping customers with the endless, uphill roll that is continual improvement, and it’s not easy to compete with decades of entrenched thinking. But I’ve been down this road before, and I’m quite convinced that the Unified Service Management Method (USM) is the right thing to do— worth a look by anyone struggling with getting their services under control (which includes most enterprises).

USM enables the enterprise to get in control of its service delivery, with a management system of 5 processes and 8 workflows. It is a methodical approach that is based on a service management architecture that establishes a service management system.

BeingFirst and USM think alike -- they both like Einstein!
BeingFirst and Einstein

USM requires service management professionals to think differently about traditional, practice-oriented approaches to service management. In fact, both BeingFirst and the SURVUZ Foundation are big fans of Albert Einstein for the same reasons.

It also occurs to me that as the humans of DevOps continue to seek ways to transform our digital lives it gives us another opportunity to put people first. In fact, USM’s ability to provide a standardized, unified link for sustainable supply chains in service ecosystems is an ideal fit for DevOps.

The process model and standardized workflows can be used by any service provider, leveraging any combination of practice frameworks and any organizational topology. A method (not a framework) that is different thinking than traditional best practice approaches and well suited to emerging ‘radical’ enterprises.

BeingFirst has a wealth of information on their web site, and if you’re leading a DevOps or service management transformation these resources are worth a look (tell them MyServiceMonitor sent you!).

Much of BeingFirst’s content is extremely well suited to advancing the humans of DevOps or helping any leader with transformative change. In fact, USM may be the easy part since it’s is simple, easy to learn and use and can be deployed incrementally at very low risk.

The humans of DevOps are always the tough part— and that always starts with you (or me).

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