The USM method is a method that provides a standardized management system with which a service organization manages its people, its technological means, its routines, and its services (© SURVUZ Foundation, 2021).

USM introduces some new thinking around service management. 

Exec Overview (~20 min)

Leveraging the non-profit SURVUZ Foundation’s Unified Service Management Method (USM Method), while continuing to use industry best practices, service providers can establish a service management system with five processes and eight core workflows for any service organization.

The USM Portal Library describes the USM Method and includes a section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Contact MyServiceMonitor for FREE online USM Workshops that can give you an overview of the USM Method— 2 intensive hours of introduction to the new thinking of USM.

Of course, as a Certified USM Coach I am also available to assist customers as needed as they learn how to use the USM Method for themselves.