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Enterprise documentation changes with people, process, and technology. This increases the complexity of administering documentation. USM provides a simple, standardized structure for administering complex organizational routines.

The organizational resources (people, process, technology) are the ‘machinery’ of an enterprise, and only work optimally together if that machine is well oiled. The standard routines (i.e., processes, procedures and work instructions) are what greases this organizational machinery.

The management of these routines can be considered the core of the USM method, but this doesn’t require that you re-write all your documentation. The USM method’s process architecture enable operators to easily record procedures and work instructions using simple templates.

This means that as the organization chooses to apply different organizational structures…

… (people changes – WHO) or,

… tooling (technology changes – HOW)…

…the underlying process model (WHAT) remains stable.

This flexibility allows the enterprise to leverage any practice framework, standard or regulation associated with your procedures and work instructions without wholesale change to the documentation. So, for example, reorganization in a USM environment is – in terms of routines – is not much more than just changing a reference to an operator or a solution team.

Perhaps as important, the USM method provides an incremental step-by-step improvement approach that can let stakeholders take small steps that can add up to big organizational impacts. This iterative, agile approach is perfectly suited to today’s service ecosystems which often involve continuous deployments.

Everyone is responsible for quality in an organization and documenting your procedures and work instructions are an important part of this. Leveraging the USM method, each person can take small steps – including updating documentation – that ultimately has a huge effect on overall quality.

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