The steady sound of raking this weekend allowed me to think about why I’m evangelizing the USM method, and while it’s not really about money I am open to work.

As a boomer I didn’t have much opportunity to practice mindfulness at work and I wish I did. Today companies are much more aware of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Studies have shown that it has real benefits to the bottom line:

In a study conducted with Duke University, Aetna found that among those who took part, there was a 28 percent reduction in their self-reported stress levels, a 20 percent improvement in their sleep quality and a 19 percent reduction in pain recorded in surveys of the participants. They also became more effective, gaining an average of 62 minutes per week of added productivity.

NY Times – How to Be More Mindful at Work

With 40 years in IT and two decades in service management, including being an ITIL Instructor, a TIPA Lead Assessor, CISA, PMP, CPDE, etc., I’m familiar with the nature of the continual improvement beast. Having recently been a Director of Customer Success in a competitive application performance management space, I’m also familiar with DevOps, SRE, CI/CD and related practices.

While USM is not yet well known in the USA, it’s precisely why you should take advantage of it NOW. Even though USM is supported by the non-profit SURVUZ Foundation[1], as any new method or framework becomes popular it invariably becomes monetized.

To achieve service excellence and turn that into customer excellence, an easy-to-learn, inexpensive, and universal method of managing services should be available to all actors in service supply chains and supply networks.

The Unified Service Management (USM) method was developed for that purpose and establishes a universal service management system that allows service providers to reproduce any conceivable practice.

I am offering FREE Workshops [REGISTER HERE] on a regular basis to help people get familiar with the USM method and how to deploy it. The next open workshop is Tuesday, December 6th at 3PM EST, but I’m willing to arrange tailored sessions for a particular customer — just ask me.

I’m also going to be providing APMG Certified USM Foundation Training, at an introductory price.

These offerings are to help get the ball rolling, but as a Certified USM Coach what I really want to do is pick up a rakeand help customers establish the USM method as a standard routine of the enterprise.

I have plenty of bandwidth at the moment 😊 but early indications are that may soon change. If you’re interested in applying the USM method in part of your organization, call me today!!

[1] The SURVUZ Foundation manages the USM method and makes a set of free knowledge products available to service organizations, regardless of their size or industry, to realize a sustainable Enterprise Service Management strategy . Complexity reduction plays a central role in this . The Foundation supports service management professionals who want to share their knowledge with tools that have been tested against a powerful architecture . Fore more information see

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