MyServiceMonitor, LLC is currently offering APMG accredited USM Foundation Certification training in cooperation with BeGrip, an APMG Accredited Training Organization (ATO).

Classes delivered to US audiences will be provided by John Worthington and Pieter Hoekstra.

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USM Foundation Certification

MyServiceMonitor is delivering an APMG Accredited Unified Service Management (USM) Certification Training through a cooperative agreement with BeGrip

USM Foundation Certification

  • 2-Day On-Site or 3-Partial Days online, virtual instructor-led
  • 4 – 12 participants
  • Certification Exam via APMG

Created and developed by the SURVUZ Foundation, Unified Service Management (USM) establishes a methodical approach for Service Management. If your organization provides a service, then USM provides a standardized process to manage its people, processes, technology, and services.

The USM training emphasizes the process-oriented structure of the service organization and its working methods, based on the conviction that processes are the shortest and most efficient way to the goal that is relevant to the customer. USM, however, goes one step further and focuses entirely on the workflows with which the work is ultimately organized.

This certification provides candidates with the opportunity to learn how the USM method operates within a typical organization. 

Course Content

Participants will learn:

  • How to measure maturity in terms of value creation
  • How is USM related to traditional best practice frameworks
  • The basics of Service Delivery and the Customer-Provider Interaction Model
  • The structure, resources, and routines of a Service Provider
  • The USM Process Model
  • The 5 USM Processes and the 8 USM workflows
  • The construction of a Service Organization
  • The Technology Resources of the Service Organization
  • Deploying the USM Method

Target audience

This qualification is aimed at those who are:

  • using or going to use the standardized ESMS specified by USM within an organization (‘USM users’)
  • coaching organizations that are using or deploying the standardized ESMS specified by USM (‘USM coaches’)
  • training individuals that want to learn about the standardized ESMS specified by USM (‘USM trainers’)

The USM Foundation training can be used for all types of facility service providers (from IT to building management , from personnel affairs to security and cleaning), but is equally suitable for service organizations from the ‘primary’ domain, so for municipalities, telcos, healthcare institutions, etc. .

Service organizations that want to work in a uniform manner, according to the latest insights, with an easily learnable and logical method will significantly benefit from this training.

Organizations that strive for service excellence and customer focus, and who want to be able to achieve this with their own employees, without excessive dependence on external consultants, can find a paved road to that goal with USM.

Participants in the training are both the managers who are responsible for the organizational improvement project, and the employees who have to learn to work in an organization that uses the USM method.


No specific previous education is necessary. The USM method is easy to learn. Reading the book Introduction to the USM Method  beforehand promotes the effect of the training.
The SURVUZ Foundation owns the copyright of the training material.


Exams are administered on-site or online by APMG International. The exam format is:

  • 60 minutes duration
  • Multiple choice
  • 40 questions
  • 26/40 required to pass
  • Closed book