Mindful Monday: Slow & Steady Wins the Race

I made the mistake of looking at my phone before I climbed up a mountain this morning, and so my mind is wandering from various LinkedIn and other social media posts.

One was a back and forth on where to start improvement. One argued with WHAT (i.e., process) as the USM suggests, and another with WHY (WHO/people). The other took me to Las Vegas, where the XLACollab will be releasing the APMG certified XLA Foundation Class built around their revised Experience Optimization Framework.

While I would have loved to sit in on the new XLA class, and I enjoyed the back and forth on where to begin improvement, it was a bad way to begin my ‘mindful Monday’.

There’s no question that as the experience economy kicks into high gear, measuring the customer experience over time is critical. And it’s also true that understanding WHY customers express WHAT they want is essential as well.

But sometimes our relentless focus on the customer experience leads us away from the fundamentals of improvement.

Establishing a stable process model and standardized workflows that remain aligned to customers may not be as exciting, but it’s critical to connecting experience indicators with lower level procedures and work instructions.

The Unified Service Management Method is a simple, low cost way to establish this critical central link between the upper and lower levels of service management. It can help you get the most out of both your investments in XLAs as well as the various frameworks and practices in use throughout the enterprise.

The USM Method also has an APMG accredited certification class, but you can also take a FREE 2-hour workshop as well.

Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

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