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A Mindful Monday repost…

Gonna go for a walk this morning, so today's mindful Monday is a repost from Medium yesterday.... just started reading The agile Manager by Rob England and Cherry Vu....perhaps I'll post some thoughts once I finish it.... https://medium.com/@john_2773/nature-of-the-beast-wisdom-is-free-but-knowledge-can-cost-you-a-fortune-aka-bring-a-method-to-19db9fc638d9 https://medium.com/@john_2773/nature-of-the-beast-wisdom-is-free-but-knowledge-can-cost-you-a-fortune-aka-bring-a-method-to-19db9fc638d9 https://medium.com/@john_2773/nature-of-the-beast-wisdom-is-free-but-knowledge-can-cost-you-a-fortune-aka-bring-a-method-to-19db9fc638d9 subscribe to my blog!

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Mindful Monday and the Process River

As I sat by a river on a Monday morning, trying to reflect and be ‘mindful’, it didn’t take long for my mind to wander and start thinking about process. For years now I’ve always thought of processes as streams of related activity, which is why the process waters seem so muddy to so many.… Continue reading Mindful Monday and the Process River

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Mindful Mondays

What a way to start the day I used to hate Mondays. They typically began with a ‘what have you done for me lately’ meeting, which was rarely enough even when I felt we were making very good progress. So, I’m switching to ‘mindful Mondays’ and increasing my self-awareness (thanks to BeingFirst). Besides doing some… Continue reading Mindful Mondays

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The People side of Process Improvement

I said this many years ago as I was wrestling with various IT silos, wicked problems and generally poor behavior as attempts were made to make meaningful (i.e., transformative) changes to organizations. I believe that the real road to a quality culture has more to do with people than with process (which may make some… Continue reading The People side of Process Improvement