My goal is to help customers with the endless, uphill roll that is continual improvement.

John Worthington’s had a 40-year IT career with more than two decades dedicated to service management and unified performance monitoring of end-to-end digital services.

He’s currently focused on helping customers simplify service management for the entire enterprise in a way that’s affordable, easy to learn and use, and is consistent with– and complimentary to — existing frameworks and practices using the USM Method. <more about USM here>

He’s an ITIL Expert (v3), an XLA Master and a Certified USM Coach, and has also had a two-decade relationship with eG Innovations and can assist customers with the development of unified performance monitoring road maps.

As an Authorized Affiliate of BeingFirst he can provide change leaders with innovative methods for evolving human systems and performance through their  Conscious Change Leadership approach. 

You can read more about him and his particular journey by getting the book, Rolling Uphill. (Click here to download)

John does business as MyServiceMonitor, LLC, lives in New Jersey and can be reached at: john@myservicemonitor.com