I saw a post by Mikko Korhonen, one of our USM Professionals today and used Google translate to check it out… in it he states,

…few have been able to present a repeatable system to take things according to ITIL’s value proposition ‘from the corner room to the machine room’. The magic bullet has been lost.

Mikko Korhonen

I thought this was a great post by Mikko, and summarized USM quite well:

“The core of USM is a highly systematized way of modeling the interaction between the service organization and the customer in its various forms. Everything starts from defining the services in a logically repeatable way.

The interaction between the service organization and the customer can always be described using five different logical upper-level processes and the eight logical workflows derived from them. When this exercise is done, we have a concrete path to implement the practices of different reference frameworks with better hit accuracy.

We solve logical issues at a logical level, and work instruction level issues at the level of work instructions. USM provides us with a finally repeatable method for aligning service management frameworks.”

Mikko Korhonen

We’ll talk more about this over at the itSMF USA on March 9th, where I’ll be joined by Jeroen Bekaert, another USM Professional who’s been on the front lines of USM ‘adoption’ 😉

Hope to see you there!

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