As you’ll see by the poem below, I’m more than ready for the Holiday Season. My best wishes to all and I hope you will find service management’s missing link in the coming new year. Stay tuned for more details soon!

A Season’s Greeting Wish

The holidays are here, they’ll be gone 
in a wink
and I hope next year you find service management’s missing link.

When we waltzed with elephants we 
that the context of governance needed some structure around.

People, process, and tools just aren’t 
without any structure you don’t have the right 

And COBIT told me, and leadership too, 
that without management feedback governance just won’t do. 

Even viable systems says ‘reduce variation!’ at levels below, 
or complexity will explode and you won’t know which way to go.

We got hell-bent on process; we said ‘adopt and adapt’,
but complexity won the day, and we wound up trapped.

There were so many frameworks from which we could choose, 
lots of shiny new objects gave us all kinds of clues,

when suddenly there was something at 
service management’s missing link hiding in the Netherlands.

With just 50 bucks, no library needed, 
just one simple book my expectations exceeded.

Complimentary to my frameworks, which never seem to be
I could use them all or just part of 
Now VeriSM and Scrum!
On, DevOps! On, ISO!
On, Agile and Flow!
We're never done!
Let’s use what’s needed!
To make execution go!
We’re finally in control!
We’re no longer slow!

We’ve defined all our services in a unified 
every single one, every single 
as supported facilities, 
each with a consistent 

And, to our surprise, we have found 
that these defined services helped everyone around.

Our team members and customers; partners I think, 
all on the same page loving service management’s missing 

It was not just the defined services they loved so 
it was the pure process model that we got from 
the Dutch.

Five processes all, non-redundant too, 
no duplication and very efficient for

Almost a decade in the field and working well, the method is great!
We use every standard workflow, every one of 

Now when we make changes to many a routine, 
our standard can be easily used by every single 

 We finally move fast and are no longer fragile, 
we’ve found service management’s missing link and now we are agile! 

And so my holiday wish is for all to 
and finally find service management’s missing 

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